Government Not Subsidizing The Right Food!

Right. Because, you know, its goverment’s job to monitor what you eat. And if you won’t eat the correct kind of food they can and should manipulate the economy so that you will.

You know, farm subsidies are bad enough in and of themselves, but the idea that we should be using subsidies to shape public behavior is over the line. The government already does this by fooling with the tax code, but that’s not right either. If I want advice on how to live my life I’ll spend money on a doctor or someone like that. I’m certainly not sending my tax dollars to Washington for it.

And lets not forget about the ridiculous standards being used by these advocates and nanny-state government types to tell us we’re all too fat. According to these measures NFL quarterback Tom Brady is “obese.”

Has it ever occurred to these people that maybe, instead of taking money from the people and redistributing it to farmers growing the “approved” sort of foods, the government should just let us keep our money and buy the kind of food we’re interested in eating?

You know, that whole “personal liberty” thing?

By Rob Port of Say Anything.

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