The 10 Spot – Techy Geekness Edition

Ten technology stories that you may have missed…

  1. The White House is now podcasting. The weekly radio address is being distributed as a podcast. The RSS feed is here.
  • All Yahoo News stories now have trackback code embedded in them. If you’re blogging software sends trackbacks based on autodiscovery someone at Yahoo News is listening. It’s unknown what they’re doing with the data. Yahoo News Trackback Image (popup)
  • Movable Type beta testing continues. Template designers will be interested in the unification of template code between Movable Type, Typepad, and Live Journal. That’s a lot of potential customers (10 million) to cover with one set of code.
  • Good news: After years of disrepair, Blogrolling has finally ditched their Top 100 list. Better news: They’ve replaced it with a functional and frequently updated Hot 500 list. Best news: Wizbang comfortably in at #15 in the Blogrolling – Hot 500
  • ComScore’s blog readership study has generated lot’s of buzz, though it’s not all positive.
  • Digital books that implode after 5 months? CNet reportson college E-books that come with expiration dates.
  • Speaking of CNet, Google’s pissed at them for Googling the CEO and printing it. Thankfully they missed Wizbang’s earlier look at Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google.
  • Read and write to your Linux partitions in Windows. Ext2 IFS for Windows is a freeware program which mounts your Linux partitions under Windows.
  • AOL is giving away some of the loot seized from spammers they’ve beaten in court. There’s $20,000 in gold bars, a 2003 Hummer H2, and $75,000 in cash available in a online sweepstakes. No contest link yet…
  • The newest chant on the net? Free the Kutztown 13!
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