MSNBC's Bad Blood

NY Daily News gossip scribe Lloyd Grove reports that MSNBC president Rick Kaplan had a meltdown over “Countdown” host Keith Olbermann’s closing commentary Monday. Here’s a bit of from the transcript:

OLBERMANN: To that point, the story now of somebody who quite probably should have been in Peter Jennings’s shoes, except for dumb, undeserved luck. Me.

So, I thought as I was hunched over, spitting blood into the garbage can in my office half an hour before the newscast, this is it. This is cancer. It gets uglier, I understood that, so ugly that those who have survived it can’t even describe how much uglier it gets.

Still, that imagery that I want to have stick in your mind is pretty good. They’ve just had to cut something out from inside your body because they think it’s cancer, and because it doesn’t heal up right away, every couple of hours, the coagulation breaks and your mouth fills up with blood, and all of a sudden, hunching over a garbage can spitting it out is the best available option.

I’m not doing some sort of bad taste “What if” on the passing of Peter Jennings. I have had a tumor removed from the roof of my mouth. It was benign. That makes all the difference in the world, of course, except for the part where it doesn’t make any difference because I was in that position, spitting globs of myself into a garbage can in Seacaucus, New Jersey, entirely through my own doing, my own fault. [More]Grove claims Kaplan raced onto the set and erupted angrily and at length, calling Olbermann ‘out of control’ and ‘not to be trusted,’ and accusing him of driving away viewers from the 9 p.m. debut of Kaplan hire Rita Cosby’s show,”

Grove claims that Kaplan told Olbermann,”I don’t care if you don’t come to work tomorrow.” For the record Olbermann did come to work Tuesday…

That's customer service for ya...
If it wasn't for double standards, they'd have no standards at all...


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