Tech Tuesday: What is it?

Just as the vast majority of political discussions on the internet end with one person invoking the name of Hitler, when people talk computers on the internet there’s a good chance the discussion will turn into a contest to see who has been messing with computers longer.

Most people think if they went into a Radio Shack in the 1980’s and saw a computer for sale they were some sort of alpha geek. If you’ve seen these debates -or if you’ve been in one of these debates- you might like this week’s Tech Tuesday.

Today we get to separate the graybeards from the wannabes. And put 50 bucks in the graybeard’s pocket.

As I’ve gone thru my career I’ve saved a piece of technology every 4 or 5 years as sort of a milepost in our technological advancement. One day I’ll frame them or donate them to a museum or something. For example I have a 5 1/2″ 10MB hard drive that, at the time, was amazing.

This piece is a little older than that.

(Click for a closer look)

Do you know what this is? It might be worth 50 bucks to you.
I put both a tape measure and a dollar bill on it to illustrate the scale.

(Click for a closer look)

It’s 16″ wide and a foot deep!

(Click for a closer look)

More Below

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(Click for a closer look)

So here’s the deal. I spoke to Kevin and he said he’d give the first person to properly ID this hunk of computing history 50 bucks. And considering the age of this thing, if you remember it, I’ll throw in a box of dried prunes and an extra large box of Depends.

Take your best guess below. (Note: If this is drop dead simple and you know it before anyone else has even guessed, email me rather than drop it in comments. (paul at I want it to last more than 20 minutes.)

And I’ll be pretty generous about awarding the prize.. (Hey, it’s Kevin’s money 😉 If nobody gets it exactly right but someone gets very close, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Update: We really have a winner. The comments are still open but unless you knock my socks off with knowledge, I’m pretty much done. See my comment about 9:30ish.

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