Man, I hate it when that happens…

Earlier today, I was putting together a little piece about the Israeli terrorist who killed his victims, then himself was killed by a furious mob. I was going to discuss how the Palestinians are calling on Israel to not investigate his death too closely, to simply apologize and let it slide. I was also going to mention how Israel has no death penalty (and more’s the pity, but considering their own history with governments killing people wholesale it’s understandable), while the Palestinians execute people all the time, occasionally bothering with such quaint customs as trials and the like.

But then I found out that I’d been beaten to the punch, and it’d been done with far more brevity and conciseness.

Meryl, I really gotta stop reading your blog. It keeps killing my own postings.

If it wasn't for double standards, they'd have no standards at all...
Bonfire of the Vanities #110


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