Sounds like he's learned his lesson…

Yesterday, a New Hampshire judge heard arguments in the case of illegal aliens charged with violating New Hampshire’s criminal trespass law. And the first guy arrested, Jorge Mora Ramirez, is speaking to reporters about his situation.

So far, his attorneys have provided wondefully insightful and profound comments on the case. Unfortunately, those comments have done far more to push the case against Mr. Ramirez than inspire a groundswell of support. One such remark, for example, said that “There is no safe harbor in the entire state where Mr. Mora Ramirez could go to avoid breaking the law.”

But now, Mr. Ramirez himself is taking the gun from his lawyers and shooting himself in the foot. In the interview, he discusses when and how he illegally entered the US, discusses how he came here to join his family (which brings up the question of THEIR immigration status), and how he got along as an illegal alien.

And he ends with saying he wishes he’d never set foot in New Hampshire. That’s probably the one thing he said that I fully agree with.

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