For a Minute There, I Almost Felt Guilty

I had a miniature crisis of conscious today. I was clicking around the Blogosphere when I saw this post over at OTB…

Robin Cook, Former British Foreign Secretary, Dies at 59
Posted by James Joyner at 15:20

Robin Cooke, a longtime British Labour minister who resigned from the Blair Cabinet in protest over the Iraq War, died today at the age of 59.

When I first read it, I typed the first line of my comment then I stopped and really considered what I was saying. So I put a slight disclaimer.

And the moonbats mention Karl Rove in 4… 3… 2… 1…

Sorry that was crass. If only it weren’t so true.

Some may not believe it, but I genuinely felt bad that I would say that. Certainly they weren’t that bad were they? I was being an idiot. I surfed around and then I could take it no more… I went to DU to see if they were really as freakish as I thought or whether I was out of line. I found the relevant post in the breaking news area. So I scanned the comments…

Here are some of the subjects and the replies. And it starts with the very first post:

4 shots back of the head=suicide?
Cheney got another one!

I’m not one for tinhat conspiracies but…this is way too suspicious.

Sadly, this is the first thing I thought of when I heard it

I sure hope they do an autopsy, and that the investigators have their backs well covered.

How very eloquent Peace Patriot. My sentiments exactly

I had the same gut reaction…

I hope they do a full autopsy with toxicology and even cultures for organisms

Have neocons developed new high tech, untraceable toxins to murder their enemies? I mean, logically, [editors note… having this person use the word “logically” is a personal affront to thinking people everywhere.]

Dr. David Kelly committed “suicide” and now Robin Cook’s heart

I’v got that same sinking feeling… Doesn’t add up in my mind [You don’t have a mind twit -ED]

sure seem odd that the good guys die after going for a walk!

I was thinking the same [A heart attack after physical exertion? Never happens -ED]

Amazing how all the people with the balls to stand up against dumbya… wind up pushing up daisies.

You hate to think of foul play…

I don’t hate to think of foul play

I started to feel bad… but these people are just bat shit crazy.

Go read the thread. Not a single person calls them down for being whack jobs. And I did not even dig into the other posts with “normal” subjects. There are just the ones where people were flaunting their moonbattery.

Then when these nutburgers lose the next election, they’ll blame voter fraud.

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