Breaking News: Gas Prices Fuel Rebellion

The Washington Post blamed the headline: Prices Fuel a Rebellion

It seems that people are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore over high gas prices.. The situation got so bad, it sparked a rebellion… The full extent of which was summed up by the subhead:

Drivers Tired of Paying More for Premium Gasoline Switch to Regular

Oh my gosh, civil unrest at the gas pump as drivers pick up a different nozzle!

Prices Fuel a Rebellion
Drivers Tired of Paying More for Premium Gasoline Switch to Regular

For some people, it’s hitting the big five-oh that really hurts — that is, dropping $50 on a tank of gas. For others, it’s just that relentless upward creep in prices that gets their attention.

Whatever the trigger, drivers pulling up to the pump in vehicles that ostensibly require high-grade gas are wondering if they really need the more expensive fuel or whether it’s okay just to fill it up with regular. As gas prices soar, car owners increasingly are going for the cheaper stuff — no matter how fancy their wheels. And station owners and oil companies are seeing the impact: Sales of premium and mid-grade gasoline are tumbling.

It’s an age-old response, industry experts say,, for drivers to switch from pricey, higher-octane formulations of gas to cheaper alternatives whenever gasoline prices rise substantially.

It’s a rebellion I tell ya.. A rebellion. Someone call out the National Guard to help keep the peace.

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