Blogathon Bingo — we have a winner!

As announced below, Meryl Yourish won the Is Full Of Crap Blogathon 2005 Bingo contest, and the prizes are hers for the claiming.

She also came closest to the “guess the time,” but I’m not letting her win both. Anne was the second-closest in that contest, so I’m declaring her the winner.

Winners can claim their prizes by e-mailing me their shipping addresses (it’s going Fedex Ground, so no P.O. Boxes, I’m afraid). And if either of them choose to decline their prizes, Plum will collect.

And if there’s anything left, Lair might get it himself.

If anyone’s curious how the card looked when Meryl won, click here.

Update: Meryl has declined her prizes in exchange for Wizbanging to be determined later, so Anne gets the main prize and Plum the runnerup stuff. E-mail your claims to TempoMan49 (at) yahoo (dot) com, or jaytea (at) wizbangblog (dot) com.

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  1. plum August 6, 2005
  2. Meryl Yourish August 6, 2005