Defending Wal-mart in Sewergate

With all due respect to Jay, he’s just wrong about blaming Wal-Mart for not letting these people tie into their sewer line.

Forgetting the obvious question about why this is Wal-Mart’s problem there are other reasons Wal-mart is getting a bad crap. -er Bad rap. I just made them as bullet points.

  • The HOs (home owners) have the money to spend $3000 on an engineering study, (which BTW is money wasted, more below) they have the money to put an addition on the house, but they don’t the money to move to a larger home? hmm
  • Why don’t they spend the money to tie into the municipal system as Walmart did?
  • The HOs can’t get a permit because they are 400 feet from a wellhead -OK most every municipality says it has to be within 100 feet some say 50 feet if it is downhill. Certainly the new tank won’t be within 350. (How big can the new tank be?) If Mass demands 400 that is just stupid, blame Mass government. Further, I’d bet a day’s pay they can apply for a waiver which would surely be granted. (Did their engineer apply? Doubtful) [See Update Below]
  • For ~$5000 they could have just put in an ITU (aka ITP) They were getting sold the whole store by an engineer who wants to sell them a $20,000 system they don’t need. If they have the money for an engineer and an addition they can figure out how to buy a larger home.
  • If Walmart allows them to tie into that line then Walmart accepts responsibility for everything IN that line.(This is actually the only reason needed) If the HO decides to pour anti-freeze down the drain then Walmart gets fined thousands of dollars. “But they wouldn’t do that” you say? BS. What about when they sell the house?
  • What happens when Wal-mart’s system backs up and dumps raw sewerage into the HOs house?… Can you say lawsuit?
  • What happens when junior #3 throws mommy’s pantyhose in the toilet and flushes? Then when raw sewerage backs-up in the Walmart and people are walking thru it; Can you say lawsuit?
  • This is nothing more than typical Massachusetts Wal-Mart bashing. Why is it Wal-Mart bears the responsibility for these people’s actions? In another space and time where lawyers did not rule the planet perhaps life would be different.

    Update: I knew I had a problem with 400 feet… see the update

    ]]>< ![CDATA[

    From the Mass Dept of Drinking Water

    Septic Systems — Septic tanks, leach fields, etc., should be removed and placed outside of the Zone I of a well. Septic systems near the Zone I should be well maintained. Pump septic tanks every two years. Never dump hazardous substances down the drains. Do not use septic system cleaners.

    So what is Zone 1?

    Zone I – The primary protection area around a small public water system (PWS) is known as the Zone I. The Zone I is a 100- to 400-foot protective radius around the well or wellfield which must be owned or controlled by the water supplier using conservation restrictions. The extent of the protective radius depends on the approved yield of the well.

    It is doubtful a single family’s well would meet the requirements for maximum distance. Even if it did I’m sure they can get a waiver. These people don’t have a bad neighbor, they have a bad engineer/ state bureaucracy.

    A clearly stated preference
    Wal-Mart too full of crap to help neighbors


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