So Much For The "Liberal Blogswarm" Theory

Chris Bowers over at MyDD let the delusions get the better of him last week in regards to the (then) upcoming Ohio District 2 race.

In the midst of a full-out progressive blogswarm on Paul Hackett’s behalf, conservative blogs, who love to boast of their ability to swarm, have done nothing to help out Schmidt in OH-02. In fact, they aren’t even writing about it. Look at the result of these searches from Blog Pulse ( I filtered out the stories about other Paul Hackett’s):

* 614-6/20: 50, including 19 from conservative blogs.
* 6/21-6/27: 6, all from progressive blogs.
* 6/28-7/4: 29, including 2 from conservative blogs.
* 7/5-7/11: 30, including 14 from conservative blogs. Mostly small blogs were discussing the race at this point, but it was enough buzz for larger blogs to soon take notice. Hackett has raised around $16K online at this point.
* 7/12-7/18: 47, including 7 from conservative blogs. More importantly than the number of blog posts, this is a week where things really started to change in terms of who was writing about Hackett. Now, the progressive blogs writing about Hackett were no longer pretty much just OH-02 and MyDD. Several big names, including Atrios, the Stakeholder, Jesus’ General, Swing State Project, and Dailykos diarists jumped in at this point. This set the stage for the storm that was to come.
* 7/19-7/25: 162, including 11 from conservative blogs. If the previous week had set the stage, Blogopshere Day on July 19 was opening night of the main show. There were as many progressive blog posts on Hackett this week as there had been posts on Hackett from both sides combined since the primary election. It included nearly every major activist progressive blog as well. The Blogswarm had started.
* Tuesday, July 26: 79, including only 2 from conservative blogs.
* Wednesday, July 27: 76, including 4 from conservative blogs.
* Thursday, July 28: 111, including 3 from conservative blogs. This blowout is really getting absurd now.
* Friday, July 29: 98, including 5 from conservative blogs.

Now, even though it is an excellent resource, Blog Pulse is slow, and won’t record Saturday articles for a while. Still, with the info we have, a very clear picture emerges. Since the primary election, there have been 63 conservative blog posts about Paul Hackett, while there have been as many as 683 progressive blog posts about Paul Hackett (some, but not many, of the non-conservative posts were from general news aggregators). Even when the news aggregators are removed, progressives blogs have written roughly ten times as much about this election as conservative blogs. What’s more, since Blogopshere Day, the advantage in liberal blog posts has been around 20-1.

If only winning elections were that easy. Conservative bloggers ignored it because it was a safe seat.

JEAN SCHMIDT 57,974 52% (W)
PAUL HACKETT 54,401 48%

Paul Hackett is lucky he ONLY lost by 4 points. Meanwhile this week, the conservative blogggers swarmed and cost Air America almost a million dollars. If we are now keeping score on blogswarms, I’d put that one in the win column.

The liberals keep calling themselves “progressive” but the Kos Kids have now lost 16 out of their last 16 elections. That’s not exactly what I’d call progress…

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