Paul Hackett – The Future Of The Democratic Party or Another Netroots Loser?

The best commentary on the netroot blog crush on Ohio Democratic congressional candidate Maj. Paul Hackett comes amazingly enough from a diary on one of the blogs that pushed his candidacy so hard – MyDD:

Blogs are hard-ball fundraisers now, but if we’re not careful, we really stand to become little more than cash cows for long-shot candidates. We really need the Zunnigas and the Bowers and the Armstrongs to be vigilantly aware of where our hard-earned money can best be spent… and Hackett’s campaign was not the best place, once his campaign got the ball rolling.

Since July 22nd, after the netroots had already raised 100,000 dollars for Hackett,

there were at least an additional 12 requests for Hackett donations on the front page of MyDD (run your own search to verify, but it’s true).
His fundraising on the net has quadrupled since then. And HE’S MOST LIKELY GOING TO LOSE [Ed – He did lose]. This is looking a lot like a bunch of blog-navelgazing, “Look how much we can raise! See! We’re important!”What’s so funny about the Hackett situation is that in a normal election year cycle the Zunnigas, the Bowers, and the Armstrongs probably wouldn’t have given the guy a plug nickel, since his in-district profile wasn’t very liberal.

As Carl Forti of the National Republican Congressional Committee noted, “Hackett was running two different campaigns: one in the national media, where he was very critical of the president; and another in Ohio, where he featured the president in two of his campaign ads, including the one he ran during the closing weekend. Hackett “never called himself a Democrat in any of his commercials.

Based on the amount of congratulations Dems are giving each other (and Hackett) for loosing (they’re urging him to run for governor), maybe running as Republican “lite” really is a path to victory (otherwise known as a close defeat) for Democrats.

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