Feds Raid Rep. Bill Jefferson's Home, Office and Car

Federal agents have executed search warrants on basically everything attached to Rep. Bill Jefferson (D) LA. FBI Agents raided his home in New Orleans, his home in Washington, his office in New Orleans, his office in Washington and EVEN HIS CAR.

Agents were seen today removing boxes from his Uptown New Orleans home. By mid-afternoon, locksmiths showed up with crowbars and hammers to assist. The DOJ says confirms a criminal investigation is in progress but would say nothing else.

U.S. Attoney Jim Letten was uncharacteristically mum on the case. He was so silent he even had trouble telling the media he wasn’t going to tell them anything.

Jefferson’s brother in law Judge Allen Green was convicted a month ago on corruption charges. At least one agent from that case was at the Congressman’s home today.

Congressman Jefferson released this statement:

“Today, federal law enforcement officers executed search warrants on my Washington, D.C., and New Orleans homes as well as my vehicle in Washington. Subpoenas were issued to me, in my official capacity, to the clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives and to members of my Washington and New Orleans office staff. I do not know the extent or precise nature of this investigation but I am cooperating fully with the authorities.”

Agents also were at the offices of his financial advisor in New Orleans and were apparently looking at campaign finance records.

I have no idea what they are looking for but there is an obvious observation to be made…

A judge issued a search warrant for both of his houses, both offices, his financial advisors’ office and even his car. A judge simply doesn’t order that many search warrants of a sitting Congressman on a whim. Somebody WAY up the chain of command approved this one.


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