Damn, you can get ANYTHING on EBay…

I normally leave celebrity stuff to Kevin, but this one is just too good to let pass by.

The biggest story going around Hollywood lately is about Jude Law cheating on his actress fiancee’ Sienna Miller with the nanny he hired to take care of his kids. Apparently one of the kids walked in on them, then told Mommy, his ex-wife, Sadie Frost. Frost then told Miller, who tossed Law overboard.

But the one element missing was the money angle, and now it’s here. The very pool table where Law and the nanny… er… revelled… can be yours for $2,800… plus $200 packing… plus shipping.

The “original felt” (where, apparently, the nanny was originally felt up) is also included.

I feel dirty just typing this. If it’s OK with you, Kevin, is it all right if I avoid celebrity stories in the future?

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