Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

This weeks Weekend Caption Contest™ produced a veritable grab bag of phallic reference and humor. It was stiff competition, but in the end the following entries had more staying power than the rest, and delivered the goods. Here are the winning entries for this picture:

CNN American Morning anchor Miles O'Brien with an unidentified guest prior to the Space Shuttle launch

1) (Cybrludite) – “Sometimes a rocket is just a rocket. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of those times…

2) (Jeff) – “On STS-114 Miles, NASA has installed over 100 cameras in an effort to get the ‘money-shot.’

3) (bullwinkle) – “After they all used these model rockets on each other I asked them what they called their act. The father said, ‘We’re the Aristocrats.’

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Honorable Mention

4) (a4g) – Man in red shirt: “You know, I left Dick Cheney’s employ to get away from just this sort of moment.

5) (Jihad Jimmy) – “And this one time, at Space Camp…

6) (james) – GUY ON RIGHT: “And coincidentally Bob, the squinting we’re experiencing is why the song is called ‘Turning Japanese.’

The Highly Coveted, Rarely Awarded, Dishonorable Mention

(Laurence Simon) – “Eason tried to shove a third one of these up Amanpour’s ass, but she kept clenching and shouting ‘OH, MY POOR YASSER!’ over and over.

Until next Friday…

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