The 10 Spot – Shut Your Piehole Edition

Ten stories of loose lips sinking ships or something like that..

  1. You just won $10 million dollars at the World Series of Poker, but you could keep your piehole shut so now you’re headed to the poor(er) house. – [Sydney Morning Herald]
  • Natalia McLennan, The $2,000 prostitute billed as New York’s No. 1 Escort in New Yorker magazine cover story is arrested because she couldn’t keep her piehole shut. – [All Headline News]
  • You’re a smoking hot young blond from a Christian academy caught steaming up the windows of your car with a student, and it turns out you banged another student in the football stadium and another at your house. Since someone couldn’t keep their piehole shut police learn you’re not a schoolgirl, but the teacher. Jailarity ensues… [The Politburo Diktat]
  • From the folks who brought you the eminently forgettable Ginny Schraeder, the left’s new bette noir is Paul Hackett who has to date received about as many votes (7,500) as blog posts. As John Hawkins says, “Jabber all you want, you left-wing bloggers, Paul Hackett is still going to lose.” [Right Wing News]
  • God, Nancy Grace really can’t shut up about Natalee [Holloway]. Nancy Grace can’t shut up normally, but on this story she REALLY can’t shut up. She is the answer to the question, “What does terminal verbal diarrhea sound like?” – [Lost Remote]
  • Shut up, Aswat! – [IMAO]
  • Oprah’s words of wisdom (paraphrased): If you want to comfort your man, don’t try to soothe him with a home-baked pie; for the lovagod, tell him how powerful he is. Then shut up. [Blame The Patriarchy]
  • A fat thief can’t keep his piehole shut while robbing a bakery. “”I saw all the pie wrappers on the floor, and then I looked up and saw a pair of stubby fat legs hanging out the window” – []
  • Culinary Alert!!! Jam it in your greedy piehole! – [Hog On Ice]
  • Culinary Alert!!! Jam it in you greedy piehole (Part II)! – [WaPo]
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