Kos Has a Lot of Work to Do

After Howard Dean made a complete ass of himself with the Supreme Court comment, (believe it or not) one of the Kos kids called the comments “[not] even remotely defensible.”

The poster did not explain the comments to the kids however… Which is where the fun begins:

Here’s the first few comments about the quote:

1) Um What?

2) Huh? I don’t understand why you are offended by Dean’s words.

3) (somebody let a ringer in to explain it)

4) This issue has made people mad. The public does not know who the lefties and righties are. In fact a couple of the “lefties” are Republican appointees who interpret the law isn a supposed liberal way. … Anyway, why shouldn’t we pick up on a “activist” court decision and spin it our way? … This decision made the public mad. [Let’s just lie to the public, they’ll never know. -ed]

5) Definitely “Bush’s Court” The SCOTUS appointed Quacky president in 2000. IMO, that makes them “Bush’s Court”. And in general they are pretty right wing. That make’s them “Bush’s Right-Wing Court”.

So, as usual, Howard Dean is Right. [emphasis in original -ed]

6) I didn’t understand either until I clicked the lnk [sic]

I didn’t understand the problem with Dean’s quote either until I click through the link to the Dean Nation post and found the sensible observation that the eminent domain case was decided by a five justice majority that included the four “liberal” judges; Scalia, Thomas, Rhenquist were in dissent.

7) Well, here’s the thing…

I’m 100% behind it. Why? Because it resonates, and I’m perfectly willing to go for a false statement that illustrates a truth., [emp mine -ed]

The GOP is the party of Big Business. Big Business (business in general) is who benefitted from the Kelo case.

So, frankly, I say it’s a great line of attack. Screw accuracy — remind people that now big business can take their homes away to make a shopping mall, and that’s A-okay by the GOP.

And on and on it goes. Half the Kos kids had no clue what was wrong with the statement the other half said the Dems should just keep lying about it.*

Kos says he is trying to purge the moonbats from the site… From the looks of it, he’s got some work to do.

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* yeah in fairness a few of the Kos Kids came to the defense of the truth… but read the thread yourself… Only 1 poster on the whole thread disparages Dean for the obviously stupid comments. Most of them just hurl insults at Republicans as if that makes Dean’s comments okay. I’m telling ya, Kos could start right on this thread.

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