Bush Sidesteps Senate, Appoints Bolton To UN

Poor Kofi, that mean bully Bolton is coming to wreak havoc in his house…

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Bush sidestepped the Senate and installed embattled nominee John Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations on Monday, ending a five-month impasse with Democrats who accused Bolton of abusing subordinates and twisting intelligence to fit his conservative ideology.

“This post is too important to leave vacant any longer, especially during a war and a vital debate about UN reform,” Bush said. He said Bolton had his complete confidence.

Bush put Bolton on the job in a recess appointment – an avenue available to the president when the Congress is in recess. Under the Constitution, a recess appointment during the lawmakers’ August break would last until a newly elected Congress takes office in January 2007.When liberal bloggers start breathing again, hopefully they’ll note that recess appointments are hardly unprecedented

Update: And looky there, we’ve got our first winners in the clueless whiny liberal sweepstakes – Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA) and Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ), who both prove that reading (let alone understanding) the constitution isn’t a job requirement. To their credit, Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) and Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) at least start their remarks by recognizing the President’s right to make recess appointments.

Paul Adds: Generically speaking, I agree with James that this is not the best idea (for the reasons he mentions in earlier posts)… But after reading ARC’s rundown of the liberals’ response, I think it might be worth it after all. 😉

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