How can we miss you if you won't go away?

Hey, anyone remember John Edwards?

No, not the guy that talks to dead people. (Although this one has done that, as well.) That’s John Edward — no “s” at the end of the name. I’m talking about John EdwardS, the former Senator from North Carolina who John Kerry picked as his running mate on the Breck Boys Ticket.

Former Senator (and, by the grace of god, ALMOST vice-president of the United States) Edwards is in New Hampshire this week, for the third time this year. Such frequent visits are usually the hallmark of politicians considering a run for the presidency — no matter how delusional.

Edwards is doing all the other things a would-be candidate does, too. He’s not just visiting New Hampshire, but he’s giving speeches and raising money all across the county. He’s got a Political Action Committee set up (The “One America Committee”) that’s piled up 2.9 million dollars for the 2006 elections. And he’s just dying to tell us all what he thinks of Judge John Roberts, President Bush’s nominee for the Supreme Court.

Edwards wants to make sure we don’t look at his vote for Judge Roberts back in 2003 as an endorsement. You see, Judge Roberts’ “radical, protect-the-powerful jurisprudence” and his being “someone who opposed efforts to remedy discrimination on the basis of sex and race… (s)omeone who opposed measures to protect voting rights” is just fine to sit on the DC Circuit Court Of Appeals, but would be a horrendous error to elevate him to the Supreme Court.

I hate to douse Former Senator Edwards with such a cold dose of reality (because I fear that it might affect him like the witch in “The Wizard Of Oz,” and I don’t feel he deserves to be killed for his views), but here are a couple simple facts he might want to keep in mind:

1) If the American people really wanted his opinion of Supreme Court justices, they would have elected him Vice-President last November and he could advise his boss, Presiden Kerry (shudder) all he likes.

2) If he wanted to actually have some say in Supreme Court Justices, he could have run for a second term in the Senate and have been one of the 100 Senators who will vote up or down on Judge Roberts. But his own constituents made it abundantly clear that they were in no way interested in sending him back to DC. Kerry’s tapping of Edwards only postponed slightly his descent into political oblivion — it didn’t end it.

3) John Edwards became a multi-millionaire as a personal injury lawyer. If Judge Edwards (correction — Judge Roberts) has a swine like Edwards howling so loudly, there must be something damned good about him.

Go back and chase a few more ambulances, Former Senator. I hear there are still a few doctors delivering babies in North Carolina that you haven’t sued and chased out of state yet.

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