What happened to my frickin' death rays?

I have a deep and abiding loathing for “street spam” — the ads stuck on telephone poles and roadsides. I’ve torn down and tossed my share over the years.

But this morning, while driving to work, I spotted a sign alongside the highway onramp that made be double-take. And then triple-take. To the point of nearly driving the Shaggin’ Wagon into the curb.

In big black letters:


Damn, they’re SERIOUS. I am so, SO glad I never quit smoking. (Correction — never STARTED smoking. Gotta review these things before I hit post…)

But exactly how does it work? Do they zap you whenever you have a cigarette? Burn your fingertips so you can’t light them? Burn your lips so you can’t hold one?

The scariest part is that it was in Manchester, NH. I’d expect this kind of insanity in Massachusetts, but this is MY home town.

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