A Match Made In Heaven

Face it most gyms don’t pay a lot of attention to cleanliness. Sure they get cleaned once a day, but they probably don’t get a top to bottom shine very often. As for disinfectant wipe downs those are probably even rarer.

Want to know what may be the perfect marriage of a disability (loosely termed) and a profession? For my money it’s hard to beat a gym owner with OCD, especially if they have a helping of ‘neat freak’ to go with it.

I’m fortunate enough to belong to such a gym. It does require a little adjustment on the part of the customer as there’s equipment and floors are constantly being cleaned and wiped down. The upside is that you could probably eat of the floors and the equipment.

What little downside there is probably relates to the abundance of sign warning you not to lean on mirrors, rails, etc. The friend who referred me to the gym tell tales of people membership cards being ripped up by the owner for not paying attention to those signs. Sure they may be exaggerated tales, but I for one believe them.

Needless to say, I don’t lean against the mirrors; fail to wipe down the equipment, or fail to re-rack free weights at the gym…

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