Another Liberal, Blind to Irony

We got a trackback today that I just had to follow. It was on Kevin’s post about Air America ripping off a children’s fund to the tune of a half a million dollars. I had to follow it just for the title: Conservatives, If You Really Care About Kids Then Start Writing About Children Issues

Considering we post fairly often about the education system in this country and other things “about children” I was interested to see why Michael Hussey was complaining. Then I saw what he considered “Children Issues.”

…I have covered the L.G. story on my blog. You may remember when Jeb Bush was trying to intervene to stop L.G. from having an abortion. What was missed in the media madness was that L.G. wanted to have an abortion. This is a girl with a tremendous amount of courage.

This blind to irony liberal whines we don’t write about children’s issues… like abortion… which, last I looked, is the act of killing children.

Somehow Michael, it would be more believable that you cared about children if your post did not advocate killing them. But maybe that’s just me.

Update: You know I posted this under “humor” because I thought it was funny the irony he missed. But after seeing Michael’s retort it is now just pathetic and sad.

He still doesn’t get that arguing that abortion (you know killing children) is a children’s issue is quite ironic. He just doesn’t see it. (He argues that if someone WANTS an abortion it is a children’s issue. (hey I didn’t say he made any sense))

Go read his reply, it really is priceless… but I must warn you… Watching him try to make an intellectual point is like watching a puppy run in front of a car… You see the carnage unfolding, and you’d like to stop it, but no matter how hard you hope, in the end, there is the inevitable splat.

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