Air America Steals Half Million Dollars From Bronx Kids Charity

And the kicker is they’re not sorry…

Here’s the short version of the story, covered first by Brian Maloney with followups from Michelle Malkin and Captain Ed.

The leader of the Bronx-based Gloria Wise Club, Charles Rosen, reportedly loaned $480,000 in the startup Air America radio network, at the request of Air America chairman (at the time) Evan Cohen. The Gloria Wise Club was to benefit from the interest that Air America would pay on its loan. At the time the alleged transfers of funds took place, Cohen was also board member of the Gloria Wise Club.

Evan Cohen was sacked at Air America, and the was company sold to new investors. No one knows where the money went (though it presumably went right into the kitty of the cash hemorrhaging radio network) , or if any of the money has been ever been repaid. Because the Gloria Wise Club depends heavily on federal and city funding for its operations, New York City’s Department Of Investigation (DOI) is investigating the charity for financial mismanagement specifically related to the Air America debacle.

So what does the network of Al Franken, Janeane Garofalo, and Jerry Springer have to say about this “loan,” which literally robbed seniors and kids of needed services? Brian Maloney received this response from Air America:

“On MAY 24, 2004 the newly formed PIQUANT LLC acquired the principal assets of AIR AMERICA RADIO from the prior ownership entities. PIQUANT has owned and operated AIR AMERICA RADIO since that time. The company that had run AIR AMERICA RADIO till then no longer had anything to do with the network.

“PIQUANT had no involvement whatsoever with funds from GLORIA WISE BOYS & GIRLS CLUB. PIQUANT neither received nor expended any of the sums that are the subject of the City’s investigation of the CLUB.

“PIQUANT is not being investigated by the City, which is investigating a transaction that took place before PIQUANT existed.”Translation – We didn’t exist as a corporate entity at the time of the swindle, so it can’t be our fault. The Air America that stole that money doesn’t exist anymore. Obviously this story is a diversionary tactic; plotted and orchestrated by Karl Rove to divert attention from his own troubles…

Action Items:

Call Air America (866-303-2270) on air and ask them “Where’s the Gloria Wise Club’s half million dollars?” You’ll have to get by the phone screeners first – just say you want to talk about Karl Rove or Hillary Clinton…

Update: More information about Piquant and the purchase designed to screw the creditors (including the Gloria Wise Boys & Club) in, Air America’s Charity Scam Denials Don’t Ring True

Update 2: Air America defenders miss the point. It’s not about “stealing” the charities money, it’s about paying the money back because it’s the right thing to do. For those who would like to quibble about the word “steal,” think what would happen if you as an individual took out a loan under fraudulent circumstances, didn’t pay it back, then skipped town…

Update 3: Air America now says they agreed to pay back the loan months ago. See Air America’s Charity Scam Denials Don’t Ring True for the details…

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