A couple questions of ethics

Recently, I happened to have two ethical dilemmas arise, and I thought I’d toss them out to the Wizbang readership to kick around.

1) Recently, I got into an argument with a commenter. During the course of the argument, I looked up the IP where he/she was posting from (I was curious if they were a frequent commenter under another name, and recently I had a troll posting under literally a dozen names or so). It turned out that the person was posting from Big Generic Retailer. It was also outside the hours Big Generic Retailer is usually open. Should I have “outed” the commenter, who was being a real pain in the butt? I thought about it briefly, but decided against it. The commenter was being annoying as hell, but hadn’t crossed any ethical boundaries, and to attempt to retaliate (which it clearly would have been, on my behalf) would have been tacky and unethical.

2) Recently, while attending a Place Of Adult Entertainment, I thought I recognized one of the Entertainers. I am 99% certain she works for Generic Big Stodgy Company, and I occasionally have dealings with her through my day job at Generic Big Company. But while I might get a little grief for attending Place Of Adult Entertainment, I am quite certain she would be in a world more trouble for working at Place Of Adult Entertainment while also holding down a job at Generic Big Stodgy Company.

My dilemma is this: I always thought her attractive, but never enough beyond her appearance drew me in. And if this is indeed the same lady, I was definitely right in my thoughts about her physical appeal. How do I acknowledge my meeting her there at her day job? How do I reassure her I have absolutely no intention of “outing” her to the daytime employer? Or do I simply pretend I don’t connect “M” of Place Of Adult Entertainment with “J” of Generic Big Stodgy Company?

Update: after expensive — er, extensive — research, I must come to the sad conclusion that the lady in question who works at Place Of Adult Entertainment bears a remarkable resemblance to lady who works at Generic Big Stodgy Company (similar hair color/length, similarly angular face, similarly thin nose with squared-off tip), there are enough differences (voice, specifics of physique, details of face) to make me think there may be a family connection, but now I am 99% certain they are NOT one and the same.

Oh, well, it was a fun thought and a fun topic while they lasted.

If anyone would like to belatedly help fund my research, I hear wonderful things about this thing called “PayPal…”

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