Brother, can you spare an endorsement?

This morning’s Boston Globe featured the story of a guy named Cameron. Cam is a Boston attorney whose closest brush with politics was when he was helping a guy run for Congress back in 1972. Cam and another guy were arrested breaking into their guy’s opponent’s office. The charges were dropped a year later, but apparently it left a bad taste in Cam’s mouth for politics.

But 33 years is a long time, and now Cam wants to get back into politics. He’s starting off slow, though — he’s considering a run for Secretary of State in Massachusetts.

He’s already lining up support from his old candidate buddy back from ’72. He figures he’s got a lock on the endorsement for two reasons: 1) the guy he took the rap for is now Massachusetts’ Junior Senator and 2004 Democratic nominee John Kerry, and 2) He’s Kerry’s younger brother.

Perennial Boston gadfly Howie Carr has a picture of the newspaper announcing Kerry’s arrest up on his home page. It’s definitely worth a couple of giggles.

I guess some things just do breed true. And more’s the pity.

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