Daily Kos' "purge" missed a few barking moonbats

A while ago, Kos over at Daily Kos decided to “clean house” and get rid of a some of the slightly more insane barking moonbats that have taken up residence there.

Apparently he missed a few (and it’s understandable, there being such a high percentage), because one of Charles’ readers over at Little Green Footballs spotted this little gem.

I started to read some of this dip’s so-called “investigation” and “reasoning” about how Karl Rove was behind the forged Texas Air National Guard memos that brought down Dan Rather, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. The one thing that convinced me that it could NOT have been a GOP sting was this simple observation:

It is an incredibly poor plan that relies on the utter incompetence and stupidity of your opponent to succeed, and an incredibly stupid person who would put forth such a plan.

The TANG forgeries were so badly, flagrantly fake that they should have been dismissed within minutes by anyone with the slightest clue. And they were — not a single one of the experts CBS called upon would give them the slightest hint of authenticity or respectability. But instead of being warned off by them, CBS (apparently blinded by their own political biases and lust for glory) ran with them anyway — and ended up devastating their own credibility instead.

Further, the source of the documents was a guy with a long-standing loathing of George W. Bush and a history of mental problems. That’s not saying that he couldn’t have come up with legitimate documents, but it certainly should have led to anything he came up with getting extra scrutiny.

Karl Rove is many things, but he’s simply not THAT stupid. By all rights, those TANG memos should have been recognized as fakes within minutes of their arrival by fax. And no amount of “spin” can turn those memos into some incredible Rovian conspiracy.

But for just a moment, let’s pretend that Rove did, indeed, engineer the whole thing. Who in their right mind would fire him? If he could pull that off, for God’s sake LET him run things! If he’s willing and able to do that kind of thing to CBS, imagine what he could do with, say, North Korea? China? The United Nations? (Dare I say it?) France?

Nah. Nobody short of Satan could pull off that kind of a coup, and for all the things Rove’s been accused of doing and being, I haven’t seen THAT one.

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