Teach the children well…

Gangs are a problem in most major cities, Boston included. Police are always looking for ways to break up the gangs, and one of the best tools they have is getting gang members and witnesses to testify against each other. The gangs have been fighting back against this, threatening and killing potential witnesses. They denounce and threaten them in rap songs and videos. Some have even put together DVDs that threaten people who would testify.

They’ve been pushing the street culture to reject cooperating with the police. Last summer, the mother of a gang member accused of shooting and killing a ten-year-old girl had “Stop Snitching” T-Shirts made for spectators to wear at his trial.

Apparently, those T-shirts became quite a fashion statement. A teenage boy, hired for the summer by the city to work at a day-care center, wore one while escorting his charges to the Boston Aquarium.

The city is NOT amused. They say the boy won’t be fired, but are planning on giving all their employees a lecture about the dress code.

I think that the best lesson they could give would be to simply fire his stupid ass, but one must remember this is Massachusetts. I think there’s a law against common sense in the Commonwealth.

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