London Bombers Copycats?

Early on while I was live blogging the London Bombing story, my nose for news was twitching:

(Speculation Alert) I wonder if this is not the work of a group of lesser trained copy cats. FoxNews is running their sister network Sky News and they have live coverage obviously. From listening to the reports, “something ain’t right.” I’m giving you my gut hunch not hard facts to paint as accurate a picture as possible. Maybe if we are lucky this whole thing is a false alarm– people being gun shy. I can’t put my finger on it but (for example) they say a bus has exploded but we don’t have video yet? Maybe we are just on the story early. (close wild speculation)

Now I think that even though I only had about 2 hours of sleep before Kevin woke me up, I might have been on to something:

Experts: Latest London Blasts Amateurish

LONDON – The attacks on London’s transit system Thursday appeared less sophisticated than the deadly suicide bombings two weeks ago, but terrorism experts said they may have been sufficient to accomplish the goal. …

Jeremy Binnie, an analyst with the London-based Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Center, said there were key differences between Thursday’s attacks and the previous blasts.

The latest strikes did not take place at rush hour, they targeted more outlying stations and “if there were bombs, they seem to have been duds,” Binnie told The Associated Press. “It seems much more amateurish in many ways.”

That could suggest a copycat operation, but Binnie cautioned that it was too early to tell. He said investigations into the July 7 blasts showed signs there could be a second terror cell.

Keith Burnet, an expert at the Royal Institute for International Affairs, a London-based think-tank, also said Thursday’s events are part of a “copycat exercise, carried out by people not as sophisticated as the bombers who struck on July 7.”

It just struck me as a poor copy early on. “Real terrorist” actually -you know- manage to kill people. But as the article notes if the goal was to cause chaos even this botched attempt accomplished that in spades.

Hat Tip to Steven Taylor

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