A little name-dropping

Earlier today, Michelle Malkin was a guest on the Howie Carr Show to discuss her latest column, about the “random searches” policy the NYPD is doing on commuters. They took callers, and I was the second one.

After I identified myself (and she said very kind things about Wizbang!), I gave her a quick laugh, then suggested that the policy just needs a little expanding. Now that we have random searches, with the presumptive analysis of subjects by age, race, color, and other factors to make sure no one’s being singled out, why don’t we move on to random arrests, convictions, and sentencing? We could make sure that our prison population, much like Clinton’s cabinet, “looks like America.”

And once inmates (I’m sorry — “convict-Americans”) are a truer representative of a cross-section of America, I’m sure we’ll all be much safer.

At least those of us not locked up to meet quotas.

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(Now I’ve spoken to Michelle Malkin TWICE via talk radio, as well as scoring several trackbacks from her. Poor Paul must be ready to gnaw off his own arm in envy. Eat hearty, colleague o’ mine. Would you like some salt for that open wound?)

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