Dems "Faux Outrage" Over Roberts Nomination

Try as they might even leading liberal organizations and bloggers can’t gear-up for much of a fight over the Supreme Court nomination of Judge John G. Roberts, Jr. The best they can come up with is that he’s was a *gasp* “corporate lawyer.”

Earlier in the week I wondered how connected lefty bloggers (especially the muckrakers) would be to Senate Democrats on the Judiciary Committee. It appears that man who lead the Jeff Gannon gay-porn and prostitution witch hunt (and the rest of his liberal blogger brethren) will have a direct line to Sen. Ted Kennedy. I can hardly wait to see how that pairing turns out…

The not so good news for aspiring liberal bloggers is that now, in addition to not being able to get links from leading liberal blogs, you won’t be able to deviate from the liberal blogger elite (BlogPAC) party line. When BlogPAC says “all in behind Wesley Clark” in 2008 you’d better get on board or there will be no BlogAds for you. The BlogPAC members think this is a really good idea for the left side of the blogosphere, honestly they do…

Anyway here’s how the left is reacting to Roberts nomination…


Leading liberal bloggers, under the auspices of a political action committee called BlogPAC (FEC filings), have already funneling tens of thousands of dollars to produce slick media campaigns to a firm that did millions of dollars of work in the 2004 campaign for the DNC (Malchow Schlackman Hoppey & Cooper Inc). Now those same bloggers are attempting to produce a group-think echo chamber at the top side of the liberal portion of the blogosphere.

So how did the liberal star chamber handle the Roberts nomination? Howard Kurtz reports in the Washington Post:

The lightning-quick attacks came after 50 top liberal bloggers joined in a 45-minute conference call Tuesday night. “On the left, we’ve always talked about the need to have an echo chamber,” says John Aravosis, a Washington lawyer and gay activist who writes at . “We believe the right has a whole media network, from talk radio to Fox News to Matt Drudge. The left doesn’t have that because the left doesn’t play well with others.”

This is the first Supreme Court nomination of the Internet age, meaning that liberal and conservative opinion-mongers are already blanketing cyberspace with arguments, facts, taunts, polemics, gossip and electronic links to raw data, hoping to rally the faithful and influence the mainstream media coverage.

The conference call was arranged by BlogPAC , a political action committee that got some of its members on the phone with Sen. Ted Kennedy on the day that Sandra Day O’Connor announced she was leaving the court. The group has also held calls with Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Sen. Russell Feingold and the liberal organizations involved in the nomination battle, including MoveOn, Alliance for Justice, NARAL and People for the American Way.

Kennedy “reached out to them directly to convey the impact that this decision will have on hundreds of millions of Americans, whose last line of defense for their freedoms and liberties is the Supreme Court,” says Laura Capps, the senator’s spokeswoman.

Such coordination seems to defy the image of bloggers as iconoclastic lone rangers, pounding the keyboards in their bedrooms and basements without regard to interest-group politics. Bloggers, after all, come from all walks of life, building a following on the strength of their words and ability to draw attention from other Web diarists. They have also proven to be a formidable fundraising force, raising $80,000 on Tuesday for a Democratic candidate in a special House election in Ohio.

The purpose of Tuesday night’s call was “to agree on where we want to work as a swarm and divide that from where we want to work individually,” says Bob Brigham, a San Francisco political activist who runs BlogPAC, whose founders include Aravosis and Markos Moulitsas, who runs the popular site Daily Kos . A swarm, in online lingo, is when legions of bloggers jump on the same issue, as when conservative Web sites attacked Dan Rather’s CBS on President Bush’s National Guard record.It’s always with the Rathergate comparisons… The difference is that Rathergate was a true swarm of independent bloggers, while BlogPAC is probably scouting for cash to fund a blog media production and buy. BlogPAC is presumably well financed enough to mount an online marketing campaign on lefty blogs against Roberts, but collectively they’re mostly trying to refocus debate on Rove. Markos is instead the man responsible for sensationalizing ex-journalist Jeff Gannon’s pornographic past lead their disjointed response.

In case it’s not blindingly obvious the leading bloggers of the left are not attempting to become journalists or writers, they’re attempting to become a political party. Why anyone would want to read a blog that’s a party mouthpiece (on the left or the right) is beyond me, but apparently Kosites do. Fortunately for Republicans, BlogPAC (even with the presence of the occasional rational liberals among their ranks) will most likely continue DailyKos’s unblemished streak of backing electoral losers. Just the other day the were celebrating “Blogosphere Day” because the backed a nowhere candidate (Ginny Schraeder) the the DNC wasn’t interested in, who promptly got trounced in November.

In the case of the Roberts nomination they’re doing the occasional bit of huffing and puffing, but even the emerging left-wing echosphere can’t get their talking point straight, as chief BlogPAC financier Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos, and Denver lawyer Jeralyn Merritt of Talk Left, had nothing negative to say about the nomination just after the announcement.

Come on guys feign some outrage for us, please.

Look at supposedly “grass roots” efforts of the, the nice folks funded by billionaire George Soros who “bought and paid for” the Democratic Party, as they so willingly announce one of several press releases sent to bloggers:

On Thursday, July 21, citizens across the country will be in front of grocery stores, restaurants, community centers and on street corners gathering signatures to urge the Senate to oppose the nomination of John Roberts to the US Supreme Court.

“John Roberts is a right-wing corporate lawyer who sides with big business against individual rights time and time again,” said Ben Brandzel, Advocacy Director of Political Action.

The petition drive follows up over 1000 house parties held the weekend of July 8-10 where MoveOn members formed rapid response teams that would spring into action if the President nominated an extremist to the Supreme Court.Does anyone really believe that those rapid response teams weren’t going to spring into action? Even if Bush renominated Sandra Day O’Conner they’d have called her a dangerous extremist. Clearly MoveOn is just phoning it in on this one…

“Say No To Everything” Democrats

Lead by Sen. Chuck Schumer, this media-whoring wing of the Democratic Party was against any nominee, just like was. No fair looking under their jacket and skirts to see the hand of Soros operating their mouths…

Leading Democrats

Democrats from states that don’t vote strictly a Democratic party line aren’t expressing “faux outrage,” in fact they’re doing just the opposite – they’re cautiously praising the nominee. A selection of quotes (compiled by the RNC), below the fold.

]]>< ![CDATA[

Sen. Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV): “The President Has Chosen Someone With Suitable Legal Credentials …” (Janet Hook and Mary Curtius, “Democrats Keep Rhetorical Powder Dry,” Los Angeles Times, 7/20/05)

Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT) “Said Federal Appellate [Judge] … John G. Roberts [Was] ‘In The Ballpark’ …” (David Lightman, “Senators Consulted On Court Vacancy,” The Hartford Courant, 7/14/05)

Lieberman: “This Is A Credible Nominee, And Not One That, As Far As We Know Now, Has A Record That In Any Sense Could Be Described As Extremist.” (Jesse J. Holland, “Slim Chance For Roberts Filibuster, But Democrats Say They Won’t Rubber Stamp,” The Associated Press, 7/21/05)

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA): “[I] Think He’s Qualified, Yes. I Don’t Think He’s An Extremist. I Think He’s A Very Smart Man.” (CNN’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” 7/20/05)

Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL): “Roberts Clearly Has The Legal Background And Intellect To Serve, Obama Said.” (“Obama Says He’s Undecided On Supreme Court Nominee,” The Associated Press, 7/21/05)

Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR): “My Sense Is, So Far, So Good.” (Jesse J. Holland, “Lieberman: Roberts Probably Not Extremist,” The Associated Press, 7/21/05)

Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) “Said He Will Wait To Decide How He’ll Vote Until After The Senate’s Confirmation Hearing. … He Sees Nothing Now That Would Derail Roberts.” (Jake Thompson, “Nebraska’s Two Senators Will Be Under Pressure For Roberts Confirmation,” Omaha World-Herald, 7/21/05)

Nelson: “I’m Not Looking For Reasons To Oppose Him.” (Jake Thompson, “Nebraska’s Two Senators Will Be Under Pressure For Roberts Confirmation,” Omaha World-Herald, 7/21/05)

Sen. Jon Corzine (D-NJ): “I Think The White House Did Its Homework. They Found An Individual That Is Brilliant, Clearly Capable As A Jurist.” (MSNBC’s “Hardball,” 7/20/05)

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL): “[H]e’s Legally Skilled, A Very Bright Man. He Has No Questions, Related To His Honesty Or Ethics That I’m Aware Of. And A Good Temperament.” (CNN’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” 7/20/05)

It’s going to be hard to move the goalposts backward for Democrats, so they’ll just let Schummer and Kennedy throw red meat to the far left and let the rest of the country laugh at the tag-team of loony Senate liberals. There’s not too much harm in that as national opinion of Schummer and Kennedy could hardly be lower.

I’m sure there are plenty of conservatives who want the filibuster fight that was averted by “the gang of 14” to be reopened, but it appears that the Roberts nomination isn’t going to be it…

Update: Some have asked for an explanation of the BlogAds/Wes Clark line. It’s simple really. Clark is a darling of the Kosites – just check their monthly 2008 Presidential polls. As for the BlogAds, if a collection of bloggers (BlogPAC) is producing and purchasing BlogAds to run on liberal blogs (including their own sites) don’t you suspect that might be a bit incestuous? Given the large number of liberal blogs that they could run ads on it’s not inconceivable that they might apply a bit of a BlogPAC purity test before running an ad on a site.

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