But will Rob Lowe attend the grand opening?

One of John Irving’s odder novels (and that’s saying a lot) is “The Hotel New Hampshire.” It’s disturbing in parts, and features a lot of odd characters, unusual events, and a few pithy catch-phrases. (“Keep passing by the open windows” and “Sorrow floats” are two of them — but you really need the context to fully appreciate them.)

A movie was made from it, starring Rob Lowe and Jodie Foster. I eagerly sought it out, both because of the name and its promise of Nastassia Kinski (a subject of my adolescent fantasies) as Susie The Bear. And it was… interesting. Not a great commercial success, but an odd little movie.

Now, a New Hampshire entrepeneur is opening his own Hotel New Hampshire (with John Irving’s blessing). It probably helped that it’s going up in Durham, New Hampshire, home of Irving’s alma mater, the University of New Hampshire.

But I wonder if they’ll have a trained bear and a flatulent dog in residence…

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