Stupid is as Stupid Does

I knew my little satire about ebonics from yesterday would give the drama queen of the blogoshere something to try to use to get a Wizbanging.

What David fails to understand is this:

When a I say (in jest) that black kids are too stupid to learn english it is “hate speech.” When a liberal says it for real they are an educator.

Make no doubt about it. The California liberals are telling black kids they are too stupid to learn english. — They just do it in a politically correct way.

If you don’t like that message perhaps you need to complain to the liberals in California now don’t you….

But I have some bubble bursting to do…. David whines:

I can not believe someone like Kevin even allowed you to post something so vile and hateful.

I got news for you. An hour after I posted it, Kev and I were talking on the phone and we were disappointed you did not do your usual dumbshit post. Glad you did not let us down.

Remember David…. The liberals in California called you stupid. But you save your histrionics for me. On second thought maybe they’re right.

Update For about the 3rd time, David threatens me with some sort of physical violence. I tell ya… That boy just ain’t right.

Update 2 It’s been about 12 hours since David whined: “I ask ALL decent members of the blogsphere to condemn this hate speech by Paul of Wizbang” and still there is no condemnation from the masses…. I guess David is the only “decent” blogger in the world. Shame what this blogosphere is coming too…

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