Morning Notes

  • A UK Guardian reporter (Dilpazier Aslam) who reported on the London bombings is part of the Britain’s most radical Islamist group Hizb Ut Tahrir. In an opinion piece Aslam chastises moderate Muslims who don’t “rock the boat,” and explains the London bombings as a “sassy” expression of opinion. The Guardian is non-plused by the revelations from Scott Burgess (The Daily Ablution).
  • As always – there’s plenty more going on in Iraq than terrorism. Arthur Chenkoff rounds up the happenings in Iraq.
  • The FBI has files on ACLU and Greenpeace, which should surprise no one. Stop The ACLU blog is excited, though I think the mere fact that the FBI has documents related to those groups is not, in and of itself, an indication that they’re actively being investigated.
  • Sam Pender sends along this interesting pre-9/11 clip from ABC, documenting the ties between Iraq and al Qaeda [RealMedia].
  • The Wayback Machine – Joe “Literary Flair” Wilson wins truth-telling award as his story crumbles…
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