"I have a dream…"

Or, at least, a recurring fantasy.

After the next big Islamic terrorist attack (and while I wish to hell there won’t be, I’m sure there will be) I’d like to assemble a group of people outside a mosque. We’d have signs and banners denouncing the atrocity in particular and terrorism and general. And then we’d unfurl one more banner, bigger than all the rest:


We would ask the Muslims inside to come out and join with us, to openly condemn terrorist attacks on civilians without reservation. No mention of “the oppression of the Palestinians,” no “legitimate resistance,” no “since Israel has universal conscription, there are no civilians,” just standing with us and speaking out against the atrocities.

It would be very calm, very peaceful, very cordial. We wouldn’t be demanding anything, just giving them the chance to join us.

And if they refuse, or equivocate, or want to negotiate, we would simply walk away.

I fear the only way we can stop radical Islam without destroying all of Islam is to convince the mainstream Muslims to see that Brothers in Faith are a threat to them, too, eventually, and they need to stop turning a blind eye and lending their tacit support. And we need to get them to put deeds to their soft words of condemnation.

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