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I’ve stated many a time that I live in Manchester, New Hampshire. We’re a smallish city, with about 110,000 people, but that represents roughly 1 out of 10 New Hampshirites. We are the biggest single community in the Granite State.

Well, for 364 days of the year, we are. Today, though, we’re number 2.

Little Loudon, New Hampshire is a town a little ways outside of Concord, with a population of less than five thousand people. It was most famous for its motorcycle races, until a family bought that track and turned it into this. And as a result, when the NASCAR New England 300 race is run later today, little Loudon will outnumber those of us who call the Queen City home.

I gotta confess I don’t “get” auto racing, and I’m not overly interested in “getting” it. A bunch of guys (and the occasional gal) get into a car that bears a passing cosmetic resemblance to a real car (but shares not a single element with one) spend a couple hours going around in countercockwise circles, trying to avoid the one thing nearly everyone wants to see but won’t admit: a crash. It’s a big, loud, stinky, extravagant waste of time, energy, and resources.

But what the hell. People seem to like it. Besides, it brings money into the state in great heaping buckets.

I just dread dealing with the traffic on the highways this weekend.

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