Rovegate Continues to Crumble

I said below (only half jokingly) that I thought Rove and the Whitehouse let the Democrats go nuts accusing him, knowing that the administration could yank the rug out from under them at any given moment.

I think I was on to something:

Rove E-Mailed Security Official About Talk

WASHINGTON (AP) – After mentioning a CIA operative to a reporter, Bush confidant Karl Rove alerted the president’s No. 2 security adviser about the interview and said he tried to steer the journalist away from allegations the operative’s husband was making about faulty Iraq intelligence.

The July 11, 2003, e-mail between Rove and then-Deputy National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley is the first showing an intelligence official knew Rove had talked to Matthew Cooper just days before the Time magazine reporter wrote an article identifying Valerie Plame as a CIA officer.

“I didn’t take the bait,” Rove wrote in an e-mail obtained by The Associated Press, recounting how Cooper tried to question him about whether President Bush had been hurt by the new allegations.

The White House turned the e-mail over to prosecutors, and Rove testified to a grand jury about it last year.

Earlier in the week before the e-mail, Plame’s husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, had written a newspaper opinion piece accusing the Bush administration of twisting prewar intelligence, including a “highly doubtful” report that Iraq bought nuclear materials from Niger.

“Matt Cooper called to give me a heads-up that he’s got a welfare reform story coming,” Rove wrote in the e-mail to Hadley.

“When he finished his brief heads-up he immediately launched into Niger. Isn’t this damaging? Hasn’t the president been hurt? I didn’t take the bait, but I said if I were him I wouldn’t get Time far out in front on this.”

What the Democrats fail to understand, much less accept, is that the reason Rove has that big ‘ol potato head is that he is smarter than all of them combined. (Let’s review how do his campaigns keep turning out?) He knew all along he was not the leaker…. Rove didn’t take the bait but the Dems sure did.

You need further proof?

Rove, Bush’s closest adviser, turned over the e-mail as soon as prosecutors opened a criminal investigation into who leaked Plame’s covert work for the CIA.

He played his cards a year ago. Remember this — we only learned this stuff in the last 24 hours. Rove (by definition) has known it all along. Rove was on the receiving end of the leak and he got it 2nd hand at that! In their zeal to kill Rove, the Democrats are left chasing their tail. They have no idea how Novak got the information they only landed on Rove out of hatred. Next, like OJ, they’ll be vowing to catch the “real leaker.”

One of the questions the liberals keep asking is; “Why if Rove was so innocent why didn’t the Whitehouse clear his name earlier?”

I can tell you why… Because out of control liberals are just so fun to watch.

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