Oh, well, it was a lovely idea…

A while ago, all the world was abuzz about a developer’s idea to apply the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Kelo case and take Justice David Souter’s home for a planned Lost Liberties Hotel.

There was a tremendous surge of enthusiasm for this idea when it was first proposed, but now it appears that it might have all been just a cheap PR ploy. Today the Union Leader of Manchester, NH decided to follow up on the story, and it turns out that Mr. Clements hasn’t done anything beyond his initial press release. Weare officials responded to him, outlining just what steps he would have to take (along with expressing their own initial distaste for the it), but they haven’t heard back from him in a couple of weeks.

What a shame. I think I would have scraped up a few pennies and spent a night there myself, had it actually been built.

(Update: OK, I think I know where I screwed up the page. It seems OK now.)

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(Thanks to Will Franklin for inspiring me to use Google Earth to obtain the above image, and repeated thanks for his helping classy up this place over the last few weeks)

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