Maybe it was Blogja Vu

Below I blogged the USA Today story about that fact that Valerie Plame had not left the country in six years but to be considered a covert op you had to have worked overseas in the last 5 years. At the time I took the paper to task for writing something that was common knowledge in the blogosphere.

Apparently it was not as commonly known as I thought.

The author of the piece wrote and asked me where I had heard it before. After a brief but reasonable amount of searching I can’t find it in the blogosphere. Certainly my search showed it was not as commonly known as I thought it was.

Since I had basically ignored the Plame story, I figured if I knew it, everyone knew it… Maybe not.

Either I heard it elsewhere and gave the blogosphere credit for it, or maybe it was “Blogja Vu” – I read it and I could have sworn I’d read that in the blogosphere before.

Whatever the case, Mark Memmott deserves credit for noting the discrepancies in Wilson’s stories and writing about it.

Update: As I expected, several commenters left links where either this exact point or one very similar to it was made. Some of them did ring bells and I probably read one of them a year or more ago… Maybe it was out there a few places… But certainly it did not get the ink USA Today gave it today.

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