Ham, Signing Off

Since the original Wizbang line-up is now restored, I think I’ll head back over to Townhall.

A big thanks to Kevin and Co. for letting me hang out for a couple weeks. I had a great time, and Wizbang readers have been very kind. I hope we guest-bloggers did Kevin proud while he was gone.

It was a pleasure to blog with Jay Tea, Paul, Rob, Will, and Pennywit.

Before I go, in a last-ditch effort at self-promotion, I’ll link some of my columns, just for fun. One about a run-in I had with a liberal guy in a Capitol Hill bar and one about crab-fishing and crying. Thanks for indulging me.

And, lastly, I’ll offer some of my recommendations for summer, mostly because Kevin taught me to do these cool bullets (I know, I’m such an HTML amateur).

Mmmm… Y’all have a great summer and come visit me sometime.

Fighting terrorism
Karl Rove: Squelching the Counter Argument


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