A migrant worker story with a happy ending

Earlier this week, I wrote about two stories of aliens seeking work in New Hampshire — one of them illegally, who was living high on the hog until he was caught, and the other a group of three who came here legally, but found their jobs had disappeared.

As I had hoped at the time, the news of the three Romanian medical students’ plight did not fall on deaf ears. After the story broke, they were deluged with job offers. And now they are up in Pittsburg, NH, working at the Mountain View Cabins & Campground.

I don’t think I’ve been to Pittsburg specifically — I grew up in the North Country, but about 100 miles south of there, and Pittsburg is near the corner where New Hampshire, Vermont, and Canada meet — but I’ve been up in that general area before. It’s truly beautiful country, very woodsy and mountainous and quiet. I think they’ll enjoy their time as guests of the Granite State, and hope they’ll come back.

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