Social Security Reform Thursday.

Today is my last day guest blogging here at Wizbang, and this is my final post. Kevin’s triumphal return is upon us. He comes bearing wardrobe malfunctions. And they are glorious.

Guest blogging has been real, it’s been fun, and it’s even been real fun. I hope I entertained and informed the Wizbang crowd sufficiently. All of my fellow guest bloggers (Pennywit, Rob, and Mary Katharine Ham— not to mention the irreplaceable Jay Tea and rare-but-solid Paul) did a fantastic job over the past couple of weeks, and their blogs are each worth bookmarking. If you’ve enjoyed my posts, I would be honored for you to give a bookmark, as well.

Today is also Social Security Reform Thursday. This week’s topic: KidSave Accounts. They’re a neat idea worth consideration.

Passage of meaningful reform is unlikely any time soon, but I intend to blog on Social Security reform every Thursday until the case for reform becomes so overwhelming that no vote-seeking politician could dare continue obstructing it. After all, Social Security reform is a process, not an event.

So, behold, yet more evidence for the necessity of reform:

According to the Social Security Trustees’ Report (.pdf), each year that Congress delays fixing Social Security, the cost of reform grows by $600 billion. The cost of this hidden gridlock tax is more than $2,000 every single year, for every single American.

This translates into $1.64 billion per day, $68.3 million per hour and $1.14 million per minute.

Think about it.

Now, a gratuitous yet relevant Social Security graph:


-click to enlarge-

If there’s no Social Security reform by the 2006 elections, don’t you think that the public will be more than a little curious what their members of Congress, Republican and Democrat alike, were doing all this time?

I sure do.

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