Mariah Carey's Wardrobe Malfunction


Pop star Mariah Carey shocked a TV audience in Germany last week, accidentally flashing her breasts when her dress fell apart on stage.

The star, who experienced a moment reminiscent of Janet Jackson’s infamous “wardrobe malfunction” last year, was saved from further embarrassment when floor managers cut the lights to allow the singer to recover her dignity — and clothes — in obscurity, according to MTV News.

But the red-faced superstar saw the funny side, quipping: “Someone bring me a jacket or the show’s off, we all know how quickly these images can spread around the world.”

The pictures haven’t hit the ‘net (except for the picture above), but it’s not the first time Carey’s tangled with a top (Google search)…

Update: Remember a few years ago when everyone was sure she’d gone out of her mind nuts? These are the current Mariah stories making the rounds…

  • Her crack-whore sister was arrested for prostitution, again – [UPI]
  • She blames 9/11 for the miserable failure of her move, Glitter – [The Superficial]
  • Allure magazine halts the presses to trim her garden – [Jen Is Famous]
  • Mariah’s “people” give her an extremely fake looking digital six pack – [The Superficial]

Apparently when she’s making #1 albums she’s oddly eccentric, as opposed to her normal bat-shit crazy…

Update 2: People magazine is reporting that the fake six-pack is spray painted on, sort of like self tanner…

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Mariah Daily reports that the whole thing is media fantasy:

Many articles online and in various media outlets (newspapers, radio, TV) have been reporting Mariah’s recent” wardrobe malfunction” during her concert in Karlsruhe, Germany.

However, according to actual video footage, pictures and the fans who attended the concert, the reports are false.

In reality, The strap in Mariah’s dress tore once she finished singing “Vision of Love”. Mariah jokingly told the audience: “Do you think this will cause a worldwide scandal?” She then turned to the side and showed the audience that she was holding her dress and nothing was revealed. Mariah then left the stage to return moments later with a new black dress!

And those pictures floating around (Content warning applies)… pretty fake too…

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