Kicking the Kelo Habit

The Castle Coalition has updates on state and federal legislation to counteract the effects of Kelo.

On the federal level, I hear the most talk about Sensenbrenner’s bill:

No state or subdivision “shall use economic development as a reason for exercising its power of eminent domain if Federal funds would contribute in any way to – (1) the project for which the State’s or political subdivision’s power of eminent domain is exercised; or (2) the exercise and enforcement of the eminent domain power over the project.”

But a friend of mine who works at Institute for Justice, the law firm that defended Susette Kelo, is telling everyone who will listen that state and local legislation is the way to go about fixing this problem. That’s where most of the problems happen.

Here is the latest update on state eminent domain legislation. Bills have been introduced in 21 states. If you are as angry about Kelo as I am, this is a great step you can take. Castle Coalition has the pertinent contact information or each bill, so that you can show these legislators you’re behind them. They need to know that the American people are serious about this issue.

That page will be updated as legislation moves and new legislation is proposed. If there’s nothing proposed in your state, Castle Coalition is also helping with model legislation.


Mary Katharine blogs at the Townhall C-Log and doesn’t cotton to Kelo.

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