The pot calling the kettle fat

There’s a talk-show host out of Boston (well, he apparently broadcasts out of his home in New York, but he’s aired on a Boston station) named Jay Severin. I listen to him on occasion, but when he starts talking about Ted Kennedy or Hillary Clinton, he always makes a point of insulting them about their weight. I have no problem with him ripping them on their politics or personal foibles, but I always thought of the weight as a bit of a cheap shot, somewhat juvenile, and more likely to garner them more sympathy than well-deserved contempt.

But I might have to reconsider that position — especially in light of Hillary’s recent venture into “insult humor.” If making fun of appearance is now on the table, I think it’s time to look at some of the Democrats’ foibles. Hillary’s… well, everything is fair game now. Ted Kennedy’s bloated body now goes quite nicely with his booze-bloated nose. Joe Biden’s hair plugs. And so on.

…nah. It’s too easy, too cheap. There are so many matters of actual substance to abuse them over that simple “they’re fat!” is taking the lazy way. Further, their politics are far more a matter of conscious choice and a far more significant factor of who they are. They’ve CHOSEN to take these despicable, short-sighted, and just plain wrong positions, and therefore there is absolutely no reason that they shouldn’t be derided mercilessly for doing so.

And let’s not forget the affect this may have on future generations. Hardly nobody endorses making fun of the fat kid in school, and we know that never turns out well.

Besides, I prefer to take the high road. Let them make fun of the superficial stuff like how Bush looks. It only draws more attention to their side’s utter lack of ideas and inability to come up with alternatives.

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