NAACP Looking For Reparations

Well, sure. Slavery has played a major role in the socio-economic status of today’s blacks. Its undeniable, but are reparations going to solve this? I don’t think so, and we can look to Africa as an example of what becomes of problems we try to solve through lump sums of money.

And that isn’t even the major issue here. The major issue is that these reparations will be paid by people who have had absolutely nothing to do with slavery. Just as a “for instance,” consider J.P. Morgan Chase Bank is one of the companies targeted for reparations. A portion of my retirement stock portfolio is invested in that same company. If J.P. Morgan Chase Bank has to pay out reparations its going to hurt the value of my investment.

Now tell me, why should my stock values should be hurt by this? I’ve never held slaves or supported slavery. Nor did my ancestors, who were Norweigan and German farmers to immigrated to this country around the turn of the century and settled in the Minnesota/North Dakota area.

If there were people alive today who actually participated in enslaving blacks in this country I’d probably support the taking of reparations for that from them. But the fact is that no people like that exist now. They’re all long dead, as is the institution of slavery in this country.

If these folks at the NAACP are truly interested in lifting their people from the hole slavery has put them in then I suggest that they stop living in the past and start living in the present, where some focus on education and family values would go a long way toward helping the situation today’s blacks are in.

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