London Bombings Were Suicide Attacks?

LEEDS, England (AP) – The bomber responsible for last week’s explosion on a London double-decker bus was believed to be among the 13 people killed on board, a discovery that led to raids Tuesday on buildings in Leeds, a northern city with a strong Muslim community, news reports said.

In a key development in the investigation into the terror attacks that killed at least 52 people, British soldiers blasted their way into a modest Leeds row house Tuesday to search for explosives. Streets were cordoned off and about 500 people were evacuated, police said. Hours earlier, police searched five residences elsewhere in the city.

Some had speculated before (scroll down) that the attacks were suicide in nature, but that was in relation to the train bombs. Apparently, cell phones don’t work in the London Underground so some believe that anyone detonating the bombs underground would have to be on-scene.

In relation to this bomb on the bus, its also been speculated that the bomb was not intended to go off on the bus. Some have said that it was meant for another target but was, for whatever reason, detonated early. I don’t know what the basis of that is, but I’ve heard the rumor.

So, really, I don’t know how much more this reveals. There are still a lot of questions that need answered before we can draw any real conclusions.

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