Jumping to conclusions

There are reports that it might have been Muslim extremists that were behind the London bombings. This is pretty speculative so far. Let’s recap the evidence:

1) The bombings were on trains and buses.

2) Muslim extremists invented the art of blowing up public transportation.

3) There are strong indications that at least one of the bombings was achieved by a suicide bomber.

4) Muslim extremists invented the tactic of the suicide bomber.

5) England has a very high level of Muslim extremists.

6) Muslim extremists have a long history of threatening terrorist attacks against England.

7) After examining evidence from the bombings, police conducted rather forceful raids on at least one home in a predominantly Muslim community.

8) The trend in England has been that once a neighborhood reaches a certain point of Muslim occupation, it passes a “tipping point” and very soon becomes almost exclusively Muslim.

9) While the IRA has a long history of conducting terrorist attacks in England in general and London in particular, a) they have eschewed directly targeting civilians; b) they immediately claim credit for their work; c) they often phone in warnings just before the bombs go off; d) they’ve never coordinated attacks before; e) they’re currently facing a horrendous PR crisis of their own; and f) they’ve been pretty much inactive for years. So the odds of this being an IRA bombing are pretty slim.

10) The Muslim community of Great Britain had their Stock Response #1 ready at the time of the bombing: “It was terrible, and don’t blame us.”

11) Shortly thereafter, they trotted out Stock Response #2: “Considering the awful things that Great Britain is doing in Iraq, and what Israel is doing with British support, it’s no great surprise that such things happen.”

12) This was followed by Stock Response #3: “We fear a wave of reprisals against Muslims, and demand protection.”

So let’s not jump to any hasty conclusions here, people. I’ve had my eye on this group of Buddhists over there for some time, and suspected them of having Guy Fawkes sympathies…

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London Bombings Were Suicide Attacks?


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