Leaked Pullout Memo Probably Just A Contingency Plan

I’m guessing that the memo, which I previously posted about here, was part of the development of a contingency plan for Iraq. Both the American and British militaries often have on file hundreds of plans for troop movement and the like based on all sorts of different situations. The memo above was probably describing troop reductions for a few of those situations. It doesn’t mean that troop level reductions for the end of this year are written in stone. Some people, unforutnatley, will undoubtedly take it that way.

But putting that aside for a moment, I am still disgusted at the media’s putting big ratings on a troop pull-out story above the security of those very troops, not to mention the success of the mission in Iraq. The memo in question was marked “UK Eyes Only” for a reason. The British military, I would assume, is not in the habit of communicating its plans, even contingency plans, with the enemy.

Sadly, the media has now, for better or worse, done that for them. Which, to my mind, is a wholly irresponsible thing to do.

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