Leaked Memo Indicates U.S./British Troop Downsize In Iraq

If this memo is accurate then clearly the leaders in the U.S. and British governments feel that enough progress will have been made in Iraq by the middle of next year to allow reduction in coalition forces and more dependence on Iraqi forces for security. Which is a positive thing.

That aside, why on earth is this memo being made public? All along President Bush and Prime Minister Blair have refused to announce a deadline for removing troops from Iraq because announcing such a deadline gives hope to the enemies we’re fighting in Iraq. They’ll now believe that if they keep fighting until a specific date (now, clearly, sometime in the middle of next year) the coalition forces they’re fighting against will leave and they can re-claim control of the country. We don’t want them to have that kind of hope. We want them to know that they’ll be going up against the toughest troops in the world until they are defeated.

One has to wonder just how many additional troops will now die in Iraq because the spirits of the terrorists have been renewed by this unauthorized release of information.

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