Four Released From Gitmo

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon has determined four more prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, no longer pose much of a threat and plans to release them, a senior official said Friday.

No information on those four was available. The State Department is making arrangements to send them to their home countries, said Rear Adm. James M. McGarrah, who oversees the reviews of prisoners and whether they should remain at Guantanamo, told reporters at the Pentagon.

Their fate was determined by a quasi-judicial process called an administrative review board, which the Pentagon created after human rights groups complained about the indefinite nature of the detentions at the U.S. naval base.

Contrary to popular belief (popular belief on the left side of politics anyway), detainees at Gitmo are not locked up and the key thrown away. There is a system in place for extracting the needed intelligence out of the prisoners and releasing them when it is deemed prudent to do so. This is the first time, however, that I’ve heard of this system being put in place as a reaction to complaints from human rights groups.

Anyway, now all we have to do is hope that the determinations as to which prisoners get out and which stay in are thorough enough to ensure that none of these people go one to aid or commit terrorist attacks. Given that some reports have as many as a dozen former Gitmo prisoners returning to fight against America and its allies in the war on terror I’m not sure that it is.

To be perfectly honest with you, this issue has been far too politicized for my taste. The decisions made at Gitmo should be made in the interest of national security. Instead the politicians have the decisions being made in the interest of international public relations. And all that’s going to do is render the entire system ineffective.

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